Anatomy Lab Access and Guidelines

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Anatamy Lab is utilized primarily for the study and dissection of human donor cadavers by students registered for courses in degree-granting programs of the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences that include an anatomy lab component, as well as for anatomy labs conducted for UPMC trainee education.  Other activities that may take place are approved educational/clinical training courses and research studies; however, these activities must be planned well in advance, since access is limited to times of the year when there are no student anatomy labs being held.  Availability is typically November-December and May-July of each year.  Attached are established Guidelines to be followed by students, faculty and staff, as well as prospective medical studentsSafety procedures are to be followed at all times when in the lab.  Additionally, for any other activities, an Exception Request for Anatomy Lab Access must be completed and submitted to the OOAS for review and consideration.  NOTE:  An educational component must be included to be considered.